High quality silicone table kit bpa-free silicone 5el.


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A great set that will come in handy when preparing home-made pastries, dumplings or pizza.

The set takes up very little space, when not in use, just roll it up.

The whole set is completely safe for health and food-neutral.


The table is made of high-quality silicone resistant to low and high temperatures (from -40 ° C to 220 ° C).
There are practical divisions on the mat that will make it easier to roll out the dough to the right size.
Perfectly adheres to the table top or table.
The silicone board practically does not require the use of flour – the minimum amount is enough. The dough does not stick to it.
Contrary to wooden boards, it does not absorb odors and does not soak up liquids.
It also works well as a baking mat in the oven.
It does not deform and returns to its original shape.
The board is dishwasher safe.
Do not use sharp knives for cutting, it may damage the boards. We recommend using silicone knives from our offer.


A rolling pin with a silicone surface.
Solid workmanship.
Top-quality, temperature-resistant silicone.
Temperature resistant from – 40 ° C to + 230 ° C.
Non-stick surface.
Does not absorb odors or liquids.
Easy to wash, dishwasher safe.
Made of: silicone, wood

The utensils are made of silicone and high-quality plastic.
The silicone brush, spatula and knife are ideal for Teflon and ceramic surfaces.
Utensils do not absorb odors and do not absorb liquids.
The utensils are easy to keep clean.

Table board: 50×40 cm.

Roller: approx. 39 cm.

Shoulder: length: 26.5 cm / width: 5 cm.

Brush: length: 24 cm / width: 4.5 cm.

Knife: length: 24 cm / width: 2.3 cm.


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