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Waterproof and frost-resistant camera with a 4x zoom and a rotating lens with a wide adjustment range.

It records the image in high definition FHD, which makes the image clear and legible.

Its universal appearance allows for exposure both outside and inside.

It is equipped with a microphone and a loudspeaker which allows for two-way communication.
Motion detection and alarm
The camera is equipped with a motion detection system. If it detects motion, it sends a notification to the device on which the application is installed and triggers an audible signal to deter potential threats.

Sound signal
In the ICSee application, there are 11 suggestions for sound signals and phrases addressed to a potential threat. There is also the option of recording your own message or signal.

The camera is equipped with a zoom that enables four times the focal length in the lens. Just drag your fingers on the image on the phone to zoom in. It even allows you to see the license plates.

Three modes of night vision
infrared vision – the camera has four infrared LEDs, in the night mode the preview is black and white, during the day the screen is colored;
intelligent preview – when the camera senses movement, it activates a 3-minute white light mode and activates a sound signal.
color – built-in four white backlight LEDs that allow for a colorful view and at the same time deter a potential intruder;
Image registration
After installing the microSD card, the device records the image in a loop and blocks the sections during which the camera has detected movement. The application also offers the function of playing back the recorded image.

The application provides the option of recording an image in the cloud, but this option is additionally payable.

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Recording time on the microSD card:
16GB – 4-5 days
32GB – 8-10 days
64GB – 18-20 days
Managing recordings from the ICSee application
You do not need to remove the microSD card from the camera and connect it to the playback device to manage the recordings or photos. From the application level you can:

share the camera view with other users
view videos and photos
share photos and recordings via messengers (WhatsApp, Messenger), e-mail, SMS, bluetooth
save to a virtual disk
publish on social networks (facebook, twitter)
Mobile access to the image from the camera
The camera allows you to view the image on various mobile devices, e.g. tablets or smartphones.

A special application available for Android and iOS allows you to track the image from the camera and control the lens from anywhere in the world.

Preview from cameras on a computer
To view the camera image on a computer via the computer network (LAN or the Internet), install one of the following programs:

General CMS (Windows)
VMS (Windows, Mac)
Wireless and cable connection
It is equipped with antennas that receive a WiFi signal, allowing for wireless connection and an RJ45 socket for direct connection to a router / modem via an Ethernet cable.
Mounting bracket
Dusk sensor
2 mpx lens
LED lights
Micro SD card slot
resolution – 2Mpx
HD 1920 x 1080 lens
day and night mode
night mode: black and white or color
4 IR CUT diodes
4 white LEDs
automatic or manual night mode settings
rotating lens
motion detection
alarm when motion is detected
possibility of recording an individual alarm
RJ-45 port (ethernet, 10/100 MB)
image encoding – h264 / MJPEG video
audio format: G.726 / G.711
network protocols: HTTP, UDP, SMTP, FTP, DHCP, DNS, NTP, UPnP
max wireless data transfer speed: 150Mbps
WiFi network frequency: 2.4 GHz
Onvif protocol
35mm lens
audio / video monitoring
power supply – DC 12V / 2A
power consumption – 10 W
microSD card slot up to 64 GB
monitoring / recording
two-way communication
multiple users with the possibility of assigning different permissions
Set contains:
Power Supply
mounting kit


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