Set of granite pots 15 pieces EB-5617


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Material: embossed aluminum

Coating: ceramic-marbled, additionally coated with a non-stick non-stick coating, free from harmful PFOA substances

The lightweight housing ensures excellent heat conductivity

High scratch and temperature resistance

Cool-touch silicone handles

Lids made of tempered glass with a steam opening

Suitable for all types of cookers, including induction cookers

Set contains :

a pot with a lid, capacity 2.75l and dimensions 20 × 10.5cm

a pot with a lid with a capacity of 4.65l and dimensions 24x12cm

a pot with a lid, a capacity of 6.66l and dimensions of 28 × 12.5cm

a saucepan with a lid, a capacity of 1.53l and dimensions of 16 × 8.5cm

a deep frying pan with a capacity of 2.3l and dimensions of 24 × 6.5cm

a pan with a capacity of 2.7l and dimensions of 28 × 5.4cm

2 pot coasters

3 kitchen tools


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