Set of silicone kitchen spoons for cooking REF:005



Material: high quality silicone material

Color of product: Black, Green, Multicolored, Red

Product features: non-stick, durable, safe, easy to clean, acid-resistant, resistant to discoloration and corrosion.

Ergonomics, safety and comfort of use.
Safe for non-stick coated cookware, temperature resistant up to 230 ° C.
Dishwasher safe.
Approved for contact with food.
Do not use on an open fire.
Silicone Kitchen Cooking Spoon Set Silicone Material
Innovative technology – silicone kitchen accessories are a new type of kitchen accessories

They stand out:
exceptional protection of our pans and pots,
high temperature resistance,
resistance to dirt,
non-stick coating
The set consists of 10 pieces of cooking spoons
Product specification:
Food clip: 27.5 X 3.5 cm
Egg beater: 25.5 X 6 cm
Small Food Brush: 21 X 3.5 cm
Large scraper shovel: 27 X 5.5 cm
Small scraper shovel: 21 X 4 cm
Colander (skimmer): 27 X 6 cm
Salad Spoon: 28 X 6 cm
Spaghetti spoon: 29 X 5.5 cm
Leaking shovel: 30.5 X 8 cm
Soup spoon: 29 X 9 cm

Massive handles, well-profiled for a better grip, solid and durable workmanship guarantee an aesthetic appearance even after prolonged use.
High-quality kitchen accessories will be useful in any kitchen.
Easy to clean and convenient to store. They do not scratch the surface.
Each accessory has a silicone ring that allows you to hang the utensils over the kitchen counter.


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