100 led cob solar lamp with dusk motion sensor SL-F100


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SOLAR LAMPWATERPROOF – the lamp is waterproof, therefore unfavorable weather conditions do not affect its functionality.
It has an IP65 waterproof rating – protection against a stream of water with an intensity of 12.5 l / min poured on each side .

PIR AND DUSK MOTION SENSOR – the lamp has a motion sensor that turns on the lighting when activity within the detector’s operating range is detected .
The dusk sensor, on the other hand, reacts to changes in lighting and activates the lamp in the event of insufficient light .
SOLAR PANEL – the solar panel and accumulator battery provide power that enables maintenance-free use of the device. It does not require an additional energy source, it is economical and economical .

EASY INSTALLATION – the lamp can be mounted using the pins included in the kit in an easy and quick way, in accordance with the individual needs of the place and the ground (e.g. wall, fence, beam).
SPECIFICATION – color: black;
material: ABS;
number of LEDs: 100;
waterproof: IP65;
motion detector range: 5 m;
working time: spring: 8-10 h;
winter: 6-8 hours;
voltage: 1.2 V;
rated power: less than 5W;
cable length: 5m;
dimensions (width / height): 15.5 x 13.5 cm;
weight: 0.40 kg; weight in the package: 0.50 kg
100 SUPER BRIGHT LEDS + SOLAR PANEL (the cable is 5 meters long),
BUILT-IN MOTION SENSOR – the light is turned on only when motion is detected within the detector’s range BUILT-IN DUSK SENSOR – the lamp is only activated when it is dusk and it gets dark TILT ADJUSTMENT 100 LED SOLAR LAMP WITH DUSK MOTION SENSOR Transparent glass color
Product features: PIR motion sensor with a range of 5 m dusk sensor Continuous operation on the battery extended to 8 hours high energy efficiency class Acharging time approx.
6 hours on a sunny day or 1-2 cloudy days life time of the LED source over 35,000 hours color temperature: cold 5500-6000Klamp dimensions: 14.8 cm x 12.5 cm x 2.2 cm100 LED SOLAR LAMP WITH DUSK MOTION SENSOR 12.5 cm wide100 LED SOLAR LAMP WITH DUSK MOTION SENSOR The color of the light is different
Panel dimensions: 13 cm x 14 cm x 1.5 cm
Light panel dimensions: 15.5 cm x 13.5 cm x 2 cm power supply: DC 7.4V,
material: aluminum, glass, PVC black colour
Installing the lamp is very simple, just connect the cable from the panel to the lamp.
LED LAMP CHARGING PROCESS:During the day, built-in rechargeable batteries collect energy from the solar panel,In the evening, when it gets dark, the stored energy is used for lighting.

POWER The device is powered by an internal battery, which is charged via a solar panel . Thanks to this, after installation, the device is completely maintenance-free, wireless and thus usable in everyday comfortable with .

The lamp has an ON / OFF switch that allows it to be completely turned off.
ASSEMBLY Simple assembly is guaranteed by the included mounting pins.
They allow for a quick and easy way to permanently attach the lamp to any type of substrate, both on concrete and wood.
The target location can be a wall, beam, or fence.100 LED SOLAR LAMP WITH DUSK MOTION SENSOR Shape Different100 LED SOLAR LAMP WITH DUSK MOTION SENSOR Power 220 WLAMP ADVANTAGES The lamp is waterproof, safe and efficient.
It is intended for outdoor use, and must be exposed to sunlight during the day for effective charging of the battery that powers it.
The lamp has a COB LED panel, thanks to which the light is very bright and strong , which gives excellent visibility and has a positive effect on the comfort of use.

CHARGING PANEL Another advantage is the relatively large size of the panel, which in turn affects the loading speed. The panel is made of 5.5V 1W polysilicon, which guarantees durability and ensures a long service life.
ECONOMICAL SOLUTIONA black solar lamp with a solar panel with a wide range of applications will allow you to save energy and thus protect the environment.
It is economical and ecological at the same time.
LONG CABLE The cable connecting the lamp with the battery panel is up to 5m long.


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