Outdoor Solar Wall Light


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SOLAR LIGHT JD 1920 – COMPACT, LIQUID BATTERY Using solar lights has become popular with the advantage of using all-natural energy, operating automatically, for good light quality.

The JD 1920 instant-cell solar light with the advantages of compact, automatically recharging with solar energy, easy to install, is being chosen by many families to install areas such as street lights, outdoor … JD 1920 solar-cell solar light JD 1920 is a series of batteries and lights adjacent to each other, that is, it has two sides, the top side is the solar collector battery, installed towards the accumulative sun energy capacitors.

The underside consists of 42 light bulbs (white light) illuminating, using the battery energy accumulated during the day, the lights only light when it is dark. The JD 1920 series uses anti-rust aluminium alloy material, closed circuit, It can be installed outdoors against wind and rain without any damage. Users can easily install the JD 1920 solar light by fixing screws on the wall, and adjust the lighting direction and flexible energy collection accordingly. *

Some information JD 1920 Power 20W Light sensor, automatically ON when dark and OFF when it is sunny Light sensor, automatically ON when dark and OFF when it is sunny Simple installation, No need for LED wires, environment-friendly, high quality battery, durable, large capacity Water resistant (IP65) and heat resistant Longevity = 50000h (LED) / 50,000 hours