300W solar street lamp with led,remote


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SOLAR LED STREET LAMP LED solar lamp is perfect for lighting squares, streets, alleys, pavements, terraces and gardens. It is completely free to use. Power: 300W Built-in sensors: motion and dusk Lamp control remote: YES Class: IP65 Charging time: 7-8h Lifetime: 60000h (LED) Beam angle: 120 ° Light colour: 6500k (cold white) Battery: Lithium- ion Working temperature: -30 ~ 60 ° C, Material: aluminium, glass, PVC Dimensions: 58 x 25 x 5.5 cm Installation height: 3 – 8 m Colour: black Commissioning with: remote control The lamp has a built-in battery charge indicator illuminated in blue SET CONTAINS : 300W LED solar lamp with a solar panel Remote control to control Mounting screws 300W SOLAR STREET LAMP WITH LED REMOTE 300W SOLAR STREET LAMP WITH A LED REMOTE. Lamp power 300 W CONVENIENT INSTALLATION Enjoy ecological and completely free solar energy, thanks to which you will illuminate any place in your garden, on a plot, on the street or even by a lake! Since no cables need to be led to the solar lanterns, it is possible to install them even in troublesome places such as piers, marinas and wharfs! ENERGY ADAPTED TO ALL YOUR NEEDS . The lamp has a programmer, thanks to which it is possible to adjust the power and lighting time. Mode I – after dusk, the lamp is lit with low power (20%) and is activated to full power only after motion is detected. Mode II – the lamp lights up at 100% of its power only when motion is detected Mode III – the lamp shines at full power for a selected number of hours, then it goes into mode I and lights up only when motion is detected. SIMPLE OPERATION WITH A REMOTE CONTROL Turn on / off DEPENDING ON THE DELIVERY, THE LAMP MAY BE MISSING 300W, THIS IS THE SAME LAMP WITH THE SAME POWER REMOTE FUNCTIONS 1. The lamp is lit with the power of 30% when motion is detected at 100% of the power 2. The lamp shines brightly for 3 hours 3. The lamp shines brightly for 5 hours 4. The lamp shines brightly for 8 hours 5. Both sensors are active – the lamp simultaneously brightens when motion is detected, dims when it is bright and brightens when it gets dark 6. Power button – activates the default program, the lamp turns on only when motion is detected when it is dark. 7. Increase the brightness 8. Decrease brightness 9. Space for 2 AAA batteries (not included) We recommend using the default program 6, which will allow the lamp to run longer when it detects movement in low sunlight and long nights.


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