6 inch bar kit + 2 saw chains


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The set bar + two chains is the perfect solution for those looking for a complete set for their chainsaw. This set includes a high-quality bar and two durable and durable chains that will allow you to effectively and efficiently carry out a variety of work in the garden or forest.

The guide bar in this kit is the pinnacle of engineering and durability. Made of the highest quality materials, it ensures reliable chain guidance, guaranteeing precise and safe cutting. Thanks to simple assembly and disassembly, its maintenance is child’s play.

And it’s not over! Our two chains are real giants among their counterparts. Their sharp and durable blades allow for exceptionally effective cutting of wood of various hardness. Regardless of the operating conditions, our chains are ready to take on the challenge.

This bar + two chain set is compatible with many popular chainsaw models. We guarantee that this set will match our saw, which you can buy from us at other auctions.

Reliability, efficiency and durability are the features that distinguish this set. Be ready for any wood cutting job with this complete kit that delivers quality and reliability.



-2x chain

-1x Guide


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