MARBLE ROASTER Heat-resistant lid 5.5L Induction Gas


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MARBLE ROASTER Heat-resistant Lid 5.5L / 32cm

MARBLE ROASTER Heat-resistant Lid 5.5L


  • Made of durable aluminium alloy with a MARBLE non-stick coating,
  • Fast and even heat distribution,
  • HEAT-RESISTANT glass lid,
  • A special steel handle of the lid has an AROMA KNOB filler / dispenser for liquid spices / oil,
  • Easy to clean,
  • Suitable for all types of gas, halogen and electric stoves, as well as induction,
  • The unique design of the bottom ensures excellent heat conduction and uniform temperature on the entire surface
  • Packed in an elegant box

Kit components:

  • internal dimensions 32 cm x 21 cm,
  • length 33 cm, with the handles 39 cm
  • set height 19 cm,
  • weight 2.7 kg, capacity 5.5 L,

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