MEAT STUFFER Sausage Maker REF:5001


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  • Condition: medical condition
The ZILNER ZL-9014 meat stuffer is an exceptionally handy and useful device that allows you to efficiently and safely prepare homemade cold cuts. It can be used to prepare sausages, pates and black pudding. The simple operation of the device allows you to conveniently fill the intestines with any stuffing (a mixture of meat, fat, water and spices). Moreover, the ZILNER ZL-9014 stuffer is easy to clean, durable and resistant to abrasion. The body of the ZILNER ZL-9014 meat stuffer is made of a high-quality stainless steel alloy, the crank is made of durable cast iron, and the funnels are made of plastic. All elements easily fit to each other, creating a compact and strong device. The solid construction of the stuffer allows for efficient preparation of home-made meats,and also pays off with a modern and fashionable form of execution (silver color, carefully polished steel and a handy handle). The ZILNER ZL-9014 meat stuffer has exorbitant antibacterial properties, thanks to which it does not react with food during operation and prevents the release of harmful substances. Easy operation and lightness of the device guarantee completely safe and simple stuffing. Additionally, the practicality of the stuffer is increased by the silicone sealing of the pressure plate.