Set of Knives and Kitchen Utensils with a STAND 9.EL ZL-5129


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Set of Knives and Kitchen Utensils with a STAND 9.EL REF: ZL-5129


A set of knives made of high-quality stainless steel, in a functional 9.elect stand
Ergonomic shape,
Sharp knife blades,
Thanks to the use of stainless steel, fruits and vegetables do not turn brown,
The knives are made of one piece of metal, thanks to which they are very strong and durable,
Ergonomic knife handles are finished with non-slip, pleasant to the touch material
Kitchen utensils are made of thermoplastic nylon, resistant to high temperatures,
The ergonomic shape of the handles of the kitchen spoons makes them fit very well in the hand,
Utensils do not scratch the surface of the dishes (they can be used in a Teflon pan),
The stand is made of very durable plastic,
The universal block is suitable for all types of knives,
Internal fibers allow the knives to be positioned in any direction,
The smooth finish is soft to the touch, there is a nylon rod inside which allows you to store more knives than in a regular wooden block,

The block is also recommended for ceramic knives!

The kit includes:

-Chef’s knife 8 ”
-Chopping Knife 8 ”
-Bread Knife 8 ”
-Carpenter’s Knife 5 ”
-Peeling Knife 3.5 ”
-Acrylic stand
-S-olid Spoon
-Plastic handle


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