Massage gun powerful fascial gun pro massager HG-320



Massage gun:

it is used to relieve muscle stiffness and aches
to improve blood circulation.
improves soft tissues
accelerates and regenerates inflammation

Perfect for both:
people who undertake recreational physical activity
professional athletes
The perfect device after a hard workout or after a long, tiring physical work.

The kit includes 4 different attachments, each intended for a different muscle group:
Forks: designed to work on narrower and long muscles (e.g. dorsum extensor, trapezius dorsum, gastrocnemius).
Projectile: designed for trigger points (lumps in the tissue that cause pain)
Flat: designed to work on small and large muscle groups.
Round: universal – designed to massage all parts of the body

6 different speeds:
LEVEL 1 – 2100 rpm
LEVEL 2 – 2400 rpm
LEVEL 3 – 2700 rpm
LEVEL 4 – 3000 rpm
LEVEL 5 – 3300 rpm
LEVEL 6 – 3600 rpm

Technical Specifications:
Made of high quality materials
ON / OFF button
Speed ​​indicator (red light)
Voltage: 8.4V
6 different speeds
4 different tips
Color: Black, Silver, Blue, Red
The product is CE certified


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